Custom Built PC's

We have put over 25 years of experience into researching, designing, specifying and building all of our custom build PC's, specifically for the industry that that are intended.
Photography PC\'s

Photography PC's

Built by experts, for Professionals.

These systems have all been carefully selected to offer amazing performance and and adequate storage when being used for photo editing, especially when using the Adobe Creative Suite. All parts are sourced specifically to enhance your production and photo workflow and make your great shots, even better.

Gaming PC\'s

Gaming PC's

Equipped to win. Built to last.

Choose your weapon of choice, and give yourself the advantage on the battlefield with these gaming machines which cater for all skills and range from entry level to seasoned Pro. Whether it's Fornite with friends, or Pro streaming and VR, we have the PC to take you to the next level.

Architecture/CAD Computing

Architecture/CAD Computing

Designed to excel

Developed in conjunction with leading practices in Worcester and beyond, these machines are guaranteed to excel in a CAD environment. From AutoCad and Revit to Rhino and V-Ray, we're convinced you won't find a better value or more optimised solution.

Home/Home Office PC\'s

Home/Home Office PC's

Designed to fit your needs exactly.

From simple Word and Excel work to photo and video editing workloads, our towers and full office bundles are ideal for your home and home office needs. Ideal for a wide range of uses and offering great performance for all tasks be it admin, office work or mainstream gaming. These are also ideal as family all rounders!

Custom Build PC's from Worcester Computers

We cut our teeth on building PC's back in 1993/4, building some of the first MMX based first gen Pentium models (yes! really!). We bring this experience with us and build some of the most expertly optimised and tested PC systems you can buy.

Why buy a custom PC from Worcester Computers?

We\\\'ll give you some really good reasons, based on feedback we\\\'ve received.

Hand Built here, in Worcester.

By experts, at a family run, local business.

We're situated in the north of Worcester, and all of our machines are assembled and tested, in-store by our experts. Our staff are all local, and we value the local community and always try, where we can, to support local businesses.

3 Year warranties

Just to start!

We are so confident in the quality of not just our machines, but also the parts we use and our builds, that the standard 1 year warranty isn;'t enough for us! We offer an in-house 3 year warranty on all parts in our machines, which offers you peace of mind, until the next time you're looking to upgrade.

Top quality components used

Always, only.

We only use carefully selected top quality components in all of our builds. You can always cut corners at the build phase to save money and increase margins, but we think this is false economy. For a start we offer a 3 year warranty on all our builds. Cheap or inferior parts won't last, and so this will tell in the overall build quality, and your experience of the machine as you use it and upgrade it over years.

Face to Face Support

Before, during, after sales.

If you require over the counter advice, upgrades in store, or assistance from us we are available in-store, face to face to help and offer support. Online companies are faceless, and often you don't get to 'try before you buy'. Any warranty issues with online companies involve a certain amount of customer troubleshooting and then couriers/post. We can come to see you at your home or office, or offer walk in advice and service, locally.

Support local

Independent means we can build without answering to sharholders

Buying locally means that you are supporting the local economy in more ways than one. For a start you'll actually be boosting the local economy! In times such as the local economy needs as much help as it can get. You'll also be getting good, sound advice, supporting and building the local community around you and creating a more stable economy locally for the families that live here.

We're greener

Saving the environment

We're using technology to create a leaner, greener business from the get go. No outsourcing, paperless billing and offices (as much as possible), using recycled paper and materials for all admin that does require paper. Our energy providers are as green as possible, we use recycled ink for our printers, and set all our computers energy settings to eco too. Trying to make a difference makes a difference!